Mission and vision

Our performance is based on our vision and mission. In a world that is changing faster and faster it is of extreme importance that both young and mature people are properly trained and motivated to constantly keep learning. We offer education that makes this possible.  

Our vision
The world is changing increasingly faster and is becoming more and more complex. The Lentiz Education Group is outward-looking and plays an active role in these developments. Our courses are offered in such a way that our students are well-equipped in order to obtain a fully-pledged position in society.
Our mission
We form the basis from which our pupils, students and staff can develop themselves properly and safely. We focus on the interests of each individual, offering promising, challenging and activating courses.
Our students are trained in order to obtain more than just a basic qualification. We are at the heart of society and connect with businesses, neighbourhoods, institutions, religious movements and governments to contribute to their achievements.