Animal Care

Are you a true animal lover and is it your dream to work with animals? Is caring for animals, talking about them, guiding and working with them your cup of tea? Then the Animal Care course is perfect for you! At our school you can find all kinds of animals to work with: from rabbits to lambs and iguanas.

What career options will you have?
There are many kinds of jobs in the animal sector and as soon as you finish this course there will be many possibilities. For instance, you can work as an animal caretaker, teaching assistant or as an employee at a petting zoo or pet shop. Plenty of choice!

Senior secondary vocational education (MBO) courses:

BOL (School-based route with full-time education and work placements) level 2
BBL (work-based route in which apprenticeship students combine work and study) level

Employee, animal care
Throughout this practical course all aspects related to the daily care of animals will be taught. When completing this course you can get started as an executive assistant in many businesses or institutions in the animal sector. For example at an animal sanctuary, kennel or pet shop.

BOL / BBL level 3
Animal caretaker, recreational animals
At this level you will be trained for a job as an independent animal caretaker. An animal caretaker of recreational animals works in the service animal sector at a petting zoo, kennel or a zoo for recreational animals. Due to the recreational function of these companies you will learn to deal with customers and visitors too.

BOL level 4  
Manager, animal care
Besides subjects on animal care, entrepreneurial skills will also be taught. An animal care manager works as an entrepreneur or manager in the animal sector. You will have to deal with planning, staff, finance, customers and obviously, animals. If you wish to continue studying after this course, you can start a preparation course for a programme at a university of professional education.