Flower arranging

Flower arranging is a comprehensive course on flower art and design. Throughout this course you will learn how to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements, but also how to sell and present them appropriately.
Other offered subjects are shop and display decoration, design, organisation of workshops and conducting sales conversations.   

The Flower Arranging course is offered at level 4. Therefore, this programme is integrated into the Living & Design course. The theoretical subjects are offered alongside. However, your course is focused on flowers. Flower knowledge and the technical and practical aspects of flower arranging constitute a large part of the offered subjects.

What is taught throughout the programme?
The Flower Arranging programme enables you to become an entrepreneur of a flower shop or to work in various (managerial) positions in related companies. During the programme many subjects of the Living & Design course are given. It allows you to gain skills and knowledge on design and styling and all the flower arranging techniques are taught. Bridal bouquets, corsages, funeral flowers, table arrangements ... everything in this Flower Arranging programme is covered. You will learn to make beautiful arrangements and bouquets and how to present them properly.
Flower arranging is a wonderful combination of creativity, expertise and sales management! Obviously, a wide general knowledge is required. Therefore, additional classes in subjects such as (computer) drawing, design, creativity development, communication, economics, management, English, art history, Dutch citizenship and applied mathematics are offered.
What career options will you have?
After finishing the Flower Arranging programme you will have many possibilities.
You can work as a(n):
• Entrepreneur  
• Decorator / arranger
• Consultant in interior arrangements
• Workshop organiser
• Flower binder
• Purchaser
• And much more!

You can also opt for continuing your studies at a university of professional education.