Are you a creative talent are you enterprising, do you have an affinity for food? Does especially the design, marketing or healthy side of alimentation attract you? In this course you will learn how new and healthy products are marketed successfully.

What does the course consist of?
• Food industry and development of new products
• Catering, innovation and preparation of food 
There are two different sectors to work in: Catering sector and the food industry
• In the food industry you can think of a job as a product developer or an all-round operator in small businesses but also multinationals.
• In the catering sector you can work as a self-employed caterer or a manager of a catering company.
Programme length and level
You will start with a general FOOD course. Then you choose your specialisation:
• After having completed a pre-vocational secondary education course (VMBO), this senior secondary vocational education course (MBO) at level 2 will take 2 years.
• If you opt for a MBO course at level 4, it will take you 4 years. The level 4 course is a perfect stepping stone for a course at a university of professional education.
What will be taught throughout the programme?
The Food course will teach you everything related to food:
• How to ensure that consumers know your company and your products
• What to take into consideration when preparing food
• How to create atmosphere in catering
• How to ensure that you are service-minded
• How to innovate constantly
• How to control quality and hygiene
• How food is produced
• What to pay attention to when packing food
• How to deal with technology and ICT
• How to transport a product
• How to make healthy and delicious food
• How to make food attractive
You will also do work placements at training companies.
What career options will you have after completing this Food course at level 2?
You can start as a(n):
• Employee in the food industry.
• Logistician or production assistant.
• Catering staff.
• Product and process operator.
What career options will you have after completing this Food course at level 4?
You can start as a food manager, assistant manager, entrepreneur, logistics manager, catering manager, food designer, product developer or quality staff.