Erasmus+ VET mobility charter

The vocational (MBO) schools of the Lentiz education group have been active in the field of internationalisation for many years. Traditionally, many foreign internships are carried out by our vocational students. Financing of these activities is made possible in part by the Erasmus + subsidy scheme.


Internationalization is of paramount importance at Lentiz. For many years, Lentiz has been successfully using European subsidy programs for internationalization in MBO, such as the Erasmus+ program and its predecessors Leonardo da Vinci and Comenius.


Every year Lentiz applies for subsidies for international mobilities in a consortium, together with several fellow agricultural schools (AOC’s). With this grant, Lentiz finances numerous international activities within the MBO: European internships and courses at international partner schools for students, but also international training courses for teachers.


Lentiz is cooperating with its consortium partners: Wellantcollege, Helicon and Citaverde College. This cooperation not only aims at applying for the subsidy, but also at the implementation of the projects. With its partners, Lentiz carries out a joint financial administration, exchanges experiences and uses joint frameworks for the realization of the activities.


Because Lentiz and its consortium partners have demonstrated that these activities can be carried out sustainably at a qualitatively high level, we received the Erasmus + VET Mobility Charter in 2016, a quality mark, issued by the National Agency Erasmus+.


With the use of mobility funds from Erasmus +, Lentiz can finance international activities for approximately 125 students (approximately 10% of all our MBO students) and 25 teachers annually. The Charter also provides Lentiz and its partners with advantages in the application of the subsidy funds. Lentiz is proud to hold the VET Mobility Charter and is working on further improvement of international activities in the MBO in the coming years!