Cultivation methods (short course)

General information:


The course is setup is based on three pillars:

1.     Theory: Theoretical background of the relevant subjects

2.     Practice: The theoretical basis is applied to practical situations

3.     Use of the relevant technical systems. Relevant systems are used, explained and discussed. 

Duration:                            1 week

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Course content

(A choice of) the following modules is offered:

1 Media

2 Water

3 Crop protection

4 Plant physiology

5 Greenhouse climate

6 Breeding and propagation


Additional information

Entry requirements       Sufficient level of English:


Certification                     Lentiz certificate in Horticultural Technology


Course dates:                   

Season 2013-2014:

Available on request

For information on course details in season 2013-2014, please contact Mr. L. van Herk


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Registration deadline:   Not applicable


Accommodation:            Students are free to find their own accommodation in the region of the school or alternatively they can be booked into 6-person bungalows.


Course contact:

Course representative /international contact: Mr. L. van Herk (

India representative: Mr. P. Ramsingh (

China representative: Mr. F. Veltkamp (