Agro logistics & Transport

Throughout this programme you will be trained for a job in the green industry in Westland. But also outside the Westland you will be found very competent in the wholesale and logistics industry. In addition, you will have many career options in transportation companies.

BOL (school-based route with full-time education and work placements) level 2 and 3

Transport and logistics are very important in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has three large main ports - Schiphol, the port of Rotterdam and the Greenport Westland - from which large quantities of goods are transported, stored and processed. In this dynamic industry well-trained and hardworking employees are required.
School and work placements
At the beginning of your course you will start immediately with a work placement. You will spend some days at school and the other days you will do a work placement at an acknowledged training company. During this work placement you can apply the skills and theory acquired at school. At school you will take subjects which are directly related to your future profession, but also general subjects such as Dutch, English and mathematics.
What will be taught throughout the programme?

Subjects related to the auction sector, wholesale, logistics and transportation are taught.
How long will the programme take?

At level 2 the programme will take 2 years and 3 years at level 3.
What career options will you have?

After achieving a level 2 diploma, you always have the possibility to continue studying in order to obtain the diploma for Agro logistics & Transport at level 3.

However, if you decide to start working, you can get a job in a(n):
• Logistics company
• Auction room
• Wholesale company

Should you obtain a diploma at level 3 you can work as a:
• Driver
• Competent employee in a logistics company
• Competent employee in an auction room
• Competent employee in a wholesale company