Equine Care & Management

Do you love horses and do you want to turn your hobby into a job? Are you hardworking and practical? Then the Equine Care & Management course suits you!

Employee, horse business level 2 BOL (School-based route with full-time education and work placements)
You will learn everything you need to know about horse care, like grooming, mucking out stables and making the horses get exercise. Also other subjects such as computer science and Dutch will be offered. In short, a very complete programme!
Competent employee, horse business level 3 BOL
Would you like to work as an assistant manager in the horse sector or do you prefer a commercial job? This course makes everything possible as attention is paid both to the care of horses and to issues such as planning and organisation. Also general subjects such as Dutch, biology, economics and English are important for your future profession and are therefore included in the programme.
Horse business manager level 4 BOL
In this course you will be trained to run a riding school, horse farm or horse breeding farm. Besides subjects on everything related to horses, several entrepreneurial skills are taught. When you have completed the programme you can start to work or continue studying at a university of professional education.