Living & Design

Living & Design is an extensive programme on design. This course is unique, as there isn’t any other in the region dealing with so many different aspects of design. When finishing the course you will be a "living environment designer". Throughout the course all the creative, technical, financial and organisational aspects of this profession are taught. With Living & Design you will have many possibilities!

Three core subjects
The Living & Design course is a comprehensive design programme based on three core subjects:
• Interior design & styling
• Stand and scenery building
• Product design

What is taught throughout the programme?
A lamp, a table, a poster, a piece of scenery…everything must be designed. In the Design & Living programme all these topics are taught. You will learn everything about conducting sales conversations, drawing an atmosphere and space analysis, creating a design on the computer, making quotes, working with different materials, using trends and creating decorations. The basis is working with natural materials. You will also learn to organise, present and operate as a manager.
Obviously, a wide general knowledge is required. Therefore, additional subjects such as drawing, design, creativity development, communication, economics, management, English, art history, Dutch citizenship and mathematics are given.

What career options will you have?

Living & Design is a comprehensive programme. When having completed the course you can work in different sectors. For example, you can work as a (freelance) stylist and / or designer.

You can work for:
• Decoration companies
• Window dressing businesses
• Scenery and stand construction companies
• Design agencies
• Garden centres
• Theatres
• Fair organisers
• Advertisers
• Event organisers
• Furniture stores and department stores

You can also continue studying at a university of professional education.