The "Randstad"

While it is of course no longer the case that the provinces of North and South Holland are the most advanced, it is true that most businesses are still located in these two provinces and Utrecht. The area as a whole, which includes Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, is commonly referred to as the Randstad (an idiomatic term for referring to the conurbation as a whole). But the rest of the Netherlands is just as well developed and many international businesses are based there. The infrastructure (road, rail, water and telephone) is excellent throughout the country.

Cities by population

Rank CityProvincePopulationRank CityProvincePopulation
1 Amsterdam  
North Holland     
7 Almere     Flevoland188.017
2 RotterdamSouth Holland584.8568 Groningen  Groningen184.929
3 The HagueSouth Holland485.8189 BredaNorth Brabant     172.219
4 UtrechtUtrecht301.63210 NijmegenGelderland161.634
5 EindhovenNorth Brabant212.67911 EnschedeOverijssel156.109
6 TilburgNorth Brabant203.49212 ApeldoornGelderland155.415