About The Lentiz Education Group

The Lentiz Education Group provides pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO), general secondary education (HAVO),pre-university education (VWO) and senior secondary vocational education (MBO). Courses are offered both full-time and part-time and additionally in the form of contract activities. Developing and maximising the potential capabilities of our students is highly valued. We strive not only that our students obtain a qualification corresponding to their aptitude, but also that they succeed in further education.  
The Lentiz Education Group consists of 14 schools. The courses are diverse, so each specific programme has its own characteristics within its own environment.  


First of all, Lentiz wants to be an educational organization that offers pupils and students a challenging and solid education. We also aim to be a professional and attractive employer.

Lentiz as connector
Lentiz is the linchpin between education, governments, organizations, and companies in our region. As an expert partner for regional partners’ initiatives in an international context. And as an intermediary between the experience of our students and the professional world in which they find themselves after their education.

Lentiz as initiator
It is this interaction with our environment that enables us to respond to developments in our dynamic region. Interaction is, however, always bidirectional. This means that our students, parents, employees, and partners have certain expectations of our education. Lentiz commits to exceeding expectations, by taking lead in collaborations, projects, and educational innovations.

That leading role makes Lentiz relevant: not only for our partners, for whom we educate the future workforce they require. But also for our pupils and students who receive an education that matches their passion and talents, their future in further education and later on in actual professional practice. Finally, we are relevant to the region as a whole because we contribute to a thriving social climate.



Lentiz education group is active, innovative and under development. There is dynamism in our actions and this reflects onto our education and our plans. Lentiz education group is rooted in the region, the uniqueness of the region, in turn, characterizes Lentiz’s education. The success of the Lentiz education group and the schools is ultimately determined by the manner in which the pupil finds his or her way in the future. And for that, we focus on the rapidly changing future and the world around us for the pupils.

In our Strategic Multi-Year Plan, we base ourselves on three core concepts, from which all of our actions stem.

Form: we aim for a broad education and the development of our students. Besides knowledge carriers, we see ourselves as providers and developers of a moral compass.

Connect: we do this in close collaboration between schools mutually and with external partners in our region, nationally and internationally.

Justify: the result is recognizable Lentiz quality, for which we individually take our responsibility and wherefore we report transparently, both internally and externally.