Lentiz Collaborates with World Horti Center to Cultivate International Horticultural Talent

On May 24, 2024, Lentiz signed a letter of intent for international cooperation with the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk and its Chinese partner. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the Mayor of Westland, Bouke Arends, and the Vice Mayor of Jinan, Li Guoxiang.

This marks the second international collaboration between Lentiz and the World Horti Center. The first collaboration involved the World Horti Center and its Korean office. In 2022, Lentiz successfully provided online training for the staff and students of the World Horti Center’s Korean office. In November 2023, Lentiz C&C trained six employees from the Korean office of the World Horti Center in the Netherlands.

There is significant potential for international cooperation between Lentiz and the World Horti Center. Last year, Lentiz’s Chinese partner institution, Jiangsu Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry, established an overseas internship base for students at the World Horti Center. Lentiz and the World Horti Center will soon host more Chinese students.

The letter of intent signed on May 24 represents a new opportunity for international cooperation with Chinese enterprises. The goal of this international cooperation is to cultivate more horticultural talent for China and the Netherlands.

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