Wellness & Lifestyle

Do you care about physical appearance, a healthy lifestyle and do you like helping people? Then the Wellness & Lifestyle course suits you! 


What does the course consist of?
You will learn:
• To help and cope with people.
• Everything related to exercise, health, beauty care and healthy food
• To improve and enhance your and other people’s lives 
Programme length and level
This course at level 4 takes 4 years. When having completed the course you can start to work or continue studying at a university of professional education.
What will be taught throughout the programme?
Together with your coach and fellow students you will learn everything related to sports, exercise, coaching and advising, and how to give a good and proper presentation. You will study subjects on beauty care, hygiene, healthy food and environment, and you will be taught to be self-aware, how to deal with other people and to run your own business. Additionally, you will do work placements at training companies.
What career options will you have?
With Wellness & Lifestyle qualification you can write "Wellness & Lifestyle Coach" on your business card. You can work as a(n):
• Nutrition consultant
• Weight loss consultant
• Fitness instructor
• Lifestyle consultant
• Shop assistant in an organic shop
• Employee at a wellness institute
Where can you work?
A Wellness & Lifestyle Coach can work, for example, at a health or nutrition organisation, a sports center, wellness center, spa, slimming institute, organic shop, leisure company or consultancy agency.
What kinds of tasks will you perform?
• You will supervise and take care of people
• You will coach, inform and advise on diet, exercise and environment
• Commercially, you will try to get new assignments
• You will maintain contacts with clients
• You will be in charge of purchasing, sales and inventory
• You will be able to work independently
• You will keep financial records and draw up budgets for jobs to be performed.